Sunbeam for Apple Watch ⌚️

I’ve been doing a lot of work on Sunbeam for iOS over the past few months, but there’s one big gap I’ve been looking to fill for some time now – and that’s an Apple Watch app. So I’m really happy to announce that from today Sunbeam is now available on watchOS as a first-class citizen alongside the iPhone app. That means you can now get quick access to all the major features of the iPhone app right from your wrist, including:

  • Current, hourly and daily UV forecasts
  • Personalized vitamin D and sunburn estimates based on your skin type
  • Worldwide UV forecasts for up to 5 of your favourite places

If you like Sunbeam I think you’re going to really enjoy using the new Apple Watch app, and as I’ve been developing and testing it over the past couple of months it’s quickly become my default way of checking the forecast. The new watch app works completely independently of your iPhone, so if you’re out for a run but didn’t take your phone you can still get the latest forecast over WiFi or LTE. But if you’re near your phone Sunbeam will automatically keep itself totally in sync with your favourite places and settings just as you’d expect, allowing you to move seamlessly between your phone and your wrist.

As you’d expect from any great Watch app, Sunbeam also comes with a whole range of elegant new complications for your watch face that automatically keep themselves up to date, so you can check the current UV Index and weather conditions at a glance.

I hope you enjoy using the new Sunbeam for Apple Watch!