Your UV forecast, wherever in the world you are.

Sunbeam is the simple, elegant UV forecast app for iPhone and Apple Watch. Wherever in the world you are, Sunbeam gives you the information you need to help protect yourself from the sun.

Why do people love Sunbeam?

Sunbeam gives you access to a whole range of great features, completely free:

  • Get your UV forecast, wherever in the world you are
  • Current and 24-hour forecasts just a tap away
  • Accurate, up-to-the-minute weather data
  • Today widget featuring the latest UV Index and weather conditions
  • Beautiful Apple Watch complications that put the latest UV Index right on your watch face
  • Support for great iOS features including Dark Mode and Voice Over
  • Respect for your privacy: Sunbeam doesn’t sell your information to third parties or use it to target ads at you

Do more with Sunbeam Pro

For the price of a cup of coffee, an annual subscription to Sunbeam Pro gives you access to all of Sunbeam’s best features, including:

  • Personalized sunburn and vitamin D estimates based on your skin type
  • Full 7-day forecasts for the week ahead
  • Access to worldwide UV forecasts for up to 5 of your favourite places
  • More regular forecast refreshes, up to every 10 minutes

Sunbeam Pro is also a great way to show your support for continued development of the app so I can make it even better in future.

I hope you enjoy using Sunbeam as much as I enjoyed making it!